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The MultiFresh™ packaging system

Unique interaction of machine and packaging material

For the MultiFresh™ packaging procedure, the MULTIVAC packaging machines developed for this process as well as the innovative MultiFresh™ packaging materials are used. Thanks to the unique interaction of machine and packaging material, vacuum skin packs of groundbreaking quality and perfection are produced.


MultiFresh™ packs enclose the product like a second skin. The upper web encloses the product tightly, but free of tension, and without affecting the shape of the product or altering any decorations on it. This also means products with sharp or hard constituent parts, such as bones or shells, are enclosed securely. The upper and lower web are completely sealed with each other enclosing the product entirely. 

The result is a MultiFresh™ pack that

Presents the quality, freshness, colour and texture of the product in a natural way

Can be easily opened due to its integrated easy-open corner

Secures the product in place without tension

Can be designed attractively and informatively by means of colouring, metallization, printing, embossing and labelling

Effectively reduces the escape of liquid from the product thanks to its allover sealing

Significantly extends the shelf life of the packaged goods

Receive perfect vacuum skin packs adapted to your individual needs and get in touch with our experts

MultiFresh™ pack

MultiFresh™ packs

MultiFresh™ is mainly used for high-quality products in the meat and meat product, fish and seafood, poultry, convenience food, cheese, and pastry segments. High-quality and attractive packs for self-service sales are produced by packaging with MultiFresh™. A further advantage lies in the durability of the packaged product. 


MultiFresh™ packaging consists of a rigid tray and a flexible upper web, which surrounds the product free of tension, and is entirely sealed by the lower web. 

Thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers can be used for the packaging system. While sufficiently dimensioned trays are used for traysealers, the thermoforming packaging process permits the creation of individual bases for the packs. The bases, for example, can be provided with ribbing, radial lines, embossed base elements and similar shape-determined designs to improve the stability of the pack, its visual appearance as well as brand awareness. 

In order to achieve optimum packaging results, the MultiFresh™ range of films includes different grades for the lower and upper webs. It encompasses solutions for all typical applications and enables individual sealing systems, such as skin-peel, burst-peel and sealing lower monowebs. 

Lower webs are available in different colours, thicknesses and peel-off properties, and can be printed individually.

Upper webs are tailored in accordance with the specific application for the respective product (form, height, consistency, etc.) as well as to the lower web. This means that even products with a high protrusion or sharp edges can be packaged attractively and securely. Upper webs can be printed individually.

MultiFresh™ traysealer

We offer a special die for the traysealer that integrates all required components for the MultiFresh™ process. Other than this, no further modification of the traysealer is necessary. The MULTIVAC traysealer fulfils the highest hygiene standards even during skin packaging, and due to its MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ has been designed for wet cleaning that is both easy and complete.

A format change enables the fast changeover of traysealers equipped with MultiFresh™ dies from the production of standard tray packaging to modified atmosphere packaging . 
The MultiFresh™ die can also be retrofitted to existing traysealers.

MultiFresh™ thermoforming packaging machines

For MultiFresh™, MULTIVAC offers three thermoforming packaging machines that have all the benefits of MULTIVAC’s innovative packaging technology. These machines cover a large portion of the range of available pack sizes and output. Fast die changes ensure flexible use. MultiFresh™ thermoforming packaging machines process a lower web and an upper web from a roll. The pack cavities are thermoformed and then filled, either manually or by means of automatic devices, and completely sealed in the MultiFresh™ sealing die under vacuum. Cutting devices provide the pack with the desired contour.


Upper web chain guide, upper web heating

MULTIVAC has decades of experience in skin packaging. This has resulted in the unique chain guide and upper web heating used in MultiFresh™ thermoforming packaging machines. 
It ensures the film is processed reliably and free of creases, while it has the highest degree of plasticity. Upper web heating ensures that the heat distribution of the upper web is precise and covers a large area as well as enabling skin packaging in a unique quality and with the highest output possible.


Features of MultiFresh™ thermoformed packaging

Pack shape

Rectangular packs with rounded corners as well as packs with individually cut contours can be selected as the pack shape.

Opening aids

MultiFresh™ packs can be provided with an easy-open corner to simplify opening. The corner of the lower web is also pulled off when opening, which makes the corner easy to grasp. MultiFresh™ films are distinguished by their excellent peel-off properties. 


Pack design

In order to present your MultiFresh™ pack in a distinctive manner, MultiFresh™ packaging materials can be customised by means of colouring, metallization as well as by random and registered printing. Rigid lower web types can be embossed in the forming die of the MultiFresh™ thermoforming packaging machine



MULTIVAC labelling and printing solutions enable the addition of decorative labels, price tags and promotional labels to the packs as well as efficiently printing manually or automatically variable product and production data.

Presentation at the point of sale

Products packaged with MultiFresh™ can be displayed vertically, suspended or horizontally because the film skin fixes the contents of the pack and the complete sealing prevents any liquids in the product from escaping.

Benefit from a complete solution from one hand for perfect vacuum skin packs with MultiFresh™