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Sous Vide for the professional kitchen

Serve aromatic meals with high quality even days after cooking. With MULTIVAC vacuum chamber machines and sous vide equipment you not only achieve the basis for perfect sous vide cooking. Redefine completely enjoyment and taste.

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Take advantage of the 3 main benefits of sous vide cooking

With sous vide cooking you can serve your guests with food, which has authentic inherent taste and natural texture. You are not only offering them the optimum taste experience but also food, which always meets the highest quality standards. And the best thing is: Cooking under vacuum makes your working processes easier to plan, and you can cook with less time pressure and without risk. And with sous vide you work more profitably.


Excellent quality

Thanks to the gentle cooking process, the authentic inherent taste and natural texture of the food are retained; the food is tender and succulent when presented at the table. Nothing becomes crusty or dries out. In many cases food, which is cooked under vacuum, is actually more wholesome and nutritious, because vitamins are retained. Recipes with constant cooking temperatures and times produce consistently high quality. The quality of meal components is also preserved during storage and regenerating in the vacuum pouch.


Quick service,
a wide range of food

You can pre-cook the most important meal components and then simply store them. You only need to regenerate, garnish – and if necessary briefly brown – the food before serving it. This means that fluctuating guest levels are not a problem for you. Even late in the evening you can serve your guests whatever they wish to eat. You can also easily produce a stock of those specialities, which are only requested infrequently. It is also possible to supply outside catering branches from your central kitchen – conveniently and cost-effectively but with the same excellent quality.


Optimise your processes

Cooking under vacuum makes your working processes easier to plan, and you can cook with less time pressure and without risk. You can buy raw materials when the quality and price are right. Because with sous vide cooking you are producing for stock. Cooking loss is minimized, and with sous vide you work more profitably.

 Guillaume Hanriot
Owner of 
Parisian Café des Amis

The sous-vide method is perfect for our small kitchen

„Our profit margin is now significantly higher, as we are able to offer premium cuisine with fewer leftovers and waste."

Sous vide is so simple

➊  Step


Preparing the product

Use only the freshest raw materials. Please ensure that these are prepared with the greatest care and hygiene. Herbs and spices give a more intensive aroma to the food than is usually the case.

➋ Step


Filling the pouches

Use only special pouches, which are suitable for sous vide.

➌ Step


Vacuum packing

Seal the pouches under vacuum in a vacuum machine from MULTIVAC.

➍ Step


Cooking product 

Cook gently at 55 to 95°C. You can then garnish the menu components as usual, or alternatively chill and store them.

➎ Step


Chilling, storing and regenerating of cooked food

If you want to store the food, it has to be subjected to quick cooling in the chiller! If the meal components are subsequently stored at a temperature between 0 and 3°C, they keep their quality for one to three weeks. Before serving you simply regenerate the meal components in the water bath, until the desired core temperature has been reached.

➏ Step


Garnishing and serving plate

Meat is mostly browned briefly but very powerfully on both sides before serving, since the Maillard reaction contributes significantly to the taste. You can however serve all other food immediately.


Tips for sous vide cooking

Which temperature for which purpose and which food item? Can I use my sous vide pouche for combi steamer? These and far more tips you recad in our sous vide brochure as free pdf download.

This equipment you need for professional sous vide cooking

➀ Vacuum chamber machines

Reliable vacuum packing is the basis for excellent quality. MULTIVAC’s high-performance chamber machines offer you perfect results over the long term.

➁ Water bath with thermostat

Cooking takes place at low temperatures, which do however have to be maintained constantly. MULTIVAC’s sous vide thermostats guarantee a temperature consistency of +/–0.03°C.

➂ Accessories

Use our sous vide special pouches for an intensive taste, the chiller to reduce formation of bacteria during storage and the practical accessories, like anti-steam balls.


Your benefits of vacuum machines from MULTIVAC


High vacuum for optimum results

In order to ensure reliable operation with sous vide technology, a vacuum value of maximum eight millibar is required to extend the shelf life of a product.

MULTIVAC’s table-top and free-standing vacuum chamber machines enable the vacuum value, which is required for sous vide applications, to be achieved reliably and reproducibly. They also have a very high level of seal quality. The pouches remain sealed during cooking, storage and regenerating.

Products with liquids can also be vacuum packed without problems in MULTIVAC chamber machines. Sloping inserts, which can be placed in the chamber, ensure that a clean and dry seal area is maintained.


Simple cleaning – reliable hygiene

Hygiene is the most important aspect in the kitchen. This is particularly so, if meat and fish are being cooked at low temperatures, as is the case with sous vide. Thanks to their special design, MULTIVAC’s chamber machines are ideally suited to the sous vide procedure. The MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ also enables them to be used in production environments, which have the highest hygiene requirements.

MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™

✔   Smooth, angled surfaces inside and outside without recesses prevent micro-organisms and residue of product or cleansers from being deposited.

✔   All materials are designed for cleaning and disinfection with fluids

✔   Removable sealing bars make it easier to clean the vacuum chamber


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Completely redefine enjoyment and taste thanks to gentle sous vide cooking by vacuum machines and competent consultation from MULTIVAC.